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Nov. 3, 2009



Meet Kathleen

Results matter





Results matter

Kathleen Wilson

How has James Island benefitted from Kathleen’s leadership? Here are a few examples:

Quality of life. Kathleen, with help from James Island PSD and Islanders for Responsible Expansion representatives, helped to save 40 grand trees slated for removal from the key island intersection of Folly and Camp Roads.

  • As a proven supporter of sidewalks and bike lanes, Kathleen worked with school, county and state officials to obtain a Safe Routes to School grant for Stiles Point Elementary School.

  • Kathleen has worked with neighborhoods to slow traffic and make them safer for residents.

  • Kathleen worked with citizens to stop the potential building of a Super WalMart on Folly Road. It was to be constructed on land that was specifically protected from development after the building of the original WalMart. Kathleen repeatedly made this point to WalMart officials.

  • Kathleen has appeared before the Planning commission on multiple occasions to ask for reduced density zonings or to deny zonings that she felt were not in James Islanders best interests. She has won every time she has appeared to speak on a James Island zoning issue.

  • A believer in community assets, Kathleen has consistently monitored and kept local residents informed of the plans for DeMetre(Sunrise) Park, calling for neighborhood meetings when needed. This park is a new and beautiful asset to James Island.

  • Kathleen immediately responded when a developer tried to place four docks on one property by objecting and mandating a public hearing on the issue. The docks were reduced from four to one and that remaining dock was reduced in size and scope, appropriate to the surrounding neighborhood.

Recreation. Through good relationships and clear communication, Kathleen worked with City officials to purchase many acres of land situated between the James Island Recreation Center and James Island Charter High School to enhance recreational opportunities. No homes will be built on the purchased land.

  • A long time supporter of recreation, Kathleen assisted in the decision to purchase solar panels for the four city swimming pools. The James Island Rec Center pool can now extend its season length, serving many more residents for additional weeks and saving tremendously on heating costs for the year around facilities.

  • Through very direct comments made at City Council, Kathleen was a driving force in the doubling of square footage at the Arthur Christopher city gym currently under construction.

Schools and institutions. Kathleen has consistently shown strong support for James Island schools and institutions-

  • Appearing before Charleston County School Board to speak in support of charter renewal for James Island Charter High School.

  • Bringing the Charleston Symphony Orchestra to JICHS for a public performance, the first on the island in many years and first ever at the school.

  • Expediting the installation of the scoreboard at Fort Johnson Middle School.

  • Assisting the JICHS Band Booster Club members in their efforts to hold fundraisers.

  • Kathleen assisted the Church of the Nativity in aquiring a zoning variance for its Folly Rd. signage and is a supporter of the St. James Foundation.

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