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Nov. 3, 2009



Meet Kathleen

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Meet Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson is best known for her completion of numerous world class marathon swims, including the English Channel but she is much more in the Charleston community. Married to Fred Wilson and mother of Christine, 16 and Robbie, 13, both of whom attend local public schools, Kathleen understands the needs of James Island families.

Kathleen's years of study under one of the greatest musicians of our generation have earned her the Principal Harpist chair with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. Kathleen is also currently serving as the Interim Executive Director for the Symphony.

She is accustomed to achievement at the highest level, receiving her musical training in one of our nation's best music conservatories and under one of history's greatest instructors. She is one of Charleston's busiest musicians, a business built through hard work, excellent skills and client services.

Hard-working values

Kathleen's determination, hard work and focus have proven that she has the ability to reach her goals. These qualities will prove invaluable as the next Charleston City Council member for James Island.

  • Kathleen Wilson is disciplined.
  • Kathleen Wilson listens.
  • Kathleen Wilson succeeds.
  • Kathleen Wilson cares about our future.

A longtime James Island resident

As a 19-year resident of James Island, she recognizes the issues that James Islanders face and has taken an active role in our community as the current Chairwoman of the City of Charleston's Recreation Commission.

Kathleen has already formed good working relationships with staff from many city departments and will work to pass your concerns on to the Mayor and City Council.

She is very visible and accessible. She often is found on the grounds of the James Island Recreation Center assisting young swimmers or watching her own children in their sports activities.

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