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Kathleen Wilson

James Island resident Kathleen Wilson is running for a Charleston City Council seat to represent the people of James Island.


NOV 4, 2009 -- Thank you for your support Tuesday at the polls.

It is an honor to serve James Island for four more years and will continue to work on behalf of our quality of life and the best interests of the island.

-- Kathleen Wilson

While keeping a careful watch over our island home, she has consistently shown integrity, responsibility and responsiveness to concerns from James Island and beyond. Kathleen listens and is easy to contact with concerns.

She is a hard worker and a source of strength who has consistently made good decisions regarding the future of James Island. She is known for her quiet, calm ability to resolve James Island issues before they reach a feverish pitch. Kathleen does not believe in grandstanding or chasing television cameras.

James Island has a representative who protects our marshes and wetlands. Kathleen understands their vital importance to our environment.

Kathleen has rebuilt and has re-engaged all levels of relationship with the City of Charleston, which have translated into direct gains for James Island. She is a true bridge-builder and has a proven track record of success.

Her accomplishments, both professionally and personally speak to trust and the ability to do the right thing. After holding a Principal chair in the Charleston Symphony Orchestra for 22 years, the orchestra looks to her as its interim Executive Director as she confidently leads a multi-million dollar organization through tough times.

Kathleen continues to maintain her own standing as a high level athlete, completing in many of the world’s greatest open water marathon swims. This level of achievement takes discipline and commitment to complete, Kathleen has plenty of both.

She understands the complex needs of families through her own family- her husband Fred Wilson and children Christine, 16 and Robbie, 13. Both attend James Island public schools.

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